Tactical Gear Distributors Announces availability of the NEW Tac Shield® 1.75” Tactical Gun Belt

Aberdeen, NC – Tactical Gear Distributors (TGD), the leading wholesale distributor of performance firearms, ammunition, and tactical gear, is proud to announce the addition of the Tac-Shield® Tactical Gun Belt to its product offering, available at their Retail Partners.

TAC SHIELD® has introduced the latest in modern gun carry, The 1.75” Tactical Gun Belt.  Rated for 2000lb, the heavy-duty, Cobra® buckle has dual quick release levers to provide extra security yet quick release if needed. The buckle locks the webbing, preventing slippage with the heaviest loads.  The double walled 1.75” mil-spec webbing offers over 7,000lbs tensile strength without the uncomfortable rigid sides found in traditional style webbing. Sewn inside is a reinforced special polymer stiffener system. This design provides extra support in the holster/mag case region, while offering softer edging in the spinal area for additional comfort and protection. The Tactical Gun Belt is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Bud Gardner the Director of Commercial, Government, and National Accounts, had this to say about the New Tac Shield® 1.75” Tactical Gun Belt

“At TGD we don’t just add products from existing Manufacturing Partners, because we get asked. Each and every product we offer to our Retail Partners will be tested, proofed and if possible made completely FUBAR. The unique design of this gun belt is without a doubt the most comfortable I have ever had the pleasure of using. I get the needed rigidity for my sidearm, and extra mags, but there is no discomfort in the spinal region, due to the superior design and the softer edging material in that area.”

“My every day carry is a Colt Mark IV 1911, and my go to Town carry is an S&W Pro Series 1911, both of which are heavy firearms and this belt is quite frankly amazing. (Yeah I know old school, trust me I’ve heard all the old guy comments). There is no sag; it holds the firearm and double magazine pouch close to my body. This belt prevents the abrasion that the checkering of the grips can sometimes do. This gun belt virtually eliminates the imprinting associated with heavier sidearms, and I don’t have to try and compress my waist from a 36” to a 32” in order to keep it close to my body. So until someone comes up with an anti-gravity gun belt, this will be my choice for concealed carry.”

Tactical Gear Distributors ensures fast and accurate delivery to your store. Whether you need weekly stock replenishment, special orders of unique products or are working on a large bid, we can meet your needs. TGD salespeople are trained to ensure that you are competitive within your market. For more information about the company and product offering, visit www.tacticalgeardistributors.com or call 1-866-529-5575.