Tactical Gear Distributors Military Retailer Firearms Program

Aberdeen, NC – Tactical Gear Distributors (TGD), the leading wholesale distributor of performance firearms and tactical gear introduces its new Military Retailer Firearms Program.

“Join us in showing appreciation for our military professionals,” said David Nau, President Tactical Gear Distributors. “TGD is proud to present a program which will allow all of us to say Thank You.” The program will feature 60 DAY TERMS, PROGRAM PRICING, FREE FREIGHT on qualifying orders and NO MINIMUM ORDER after qualifying. 

Brands featured in the program include Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Springfield Armory, Beretta, FNH USA, Mossberg, Troy, Savage Arms, SCCY, Auto Ordnance, Thompson, Kahr Arms, Hi-Point Firearms, Inland Manufacturing, Core Rifle Systems, and Lancer.

TGD is also launching its Vintage Military Arms Program in conjunction with the Military Retailer Firearms Program.  The VMA Program will feature classic firearms from Springfield Armory, Auto Ordnance, Thompson, and Inland Manufacturing. Marketing support for this program includes custom challenge coins, counter mats, counter easel signs and an E-Flyer and E-Blast customized with the retailer’s contact information.

Tactical Gear Distributors ensures fast and accurate delivery to your store. Whether you need weekly stock replenishment, special orders of unique products or are working on a large bid, we can meet your needs. TGD salespeople are trained to ensure that you are competitive within your market. For more information about the company and product offering, visit www.tacticalgeardistributors.com or call 1-866-529-5575.

TGD provides its Retail Partners with free access to the Tactical Zone® Business Portal. Retail Partners utilizing this free business tool can:

  • Shop online 24/7
  • Access your account information 24/7
  • Access pricing and inventory 24/7
  • View and manage product lists
  • Track open and shipped orders
  • Track open and paid invoices

Contact: Bud Gardner
Tel. 910-944-8706
Email:  bud@tacticalgeardistributors.com