Team Members


  • <b>David Nau</b> David Nau

    TGD's mission is to support our customers success with Performance Firearms and Proven Tactical Gear from leading manufacturers. Our market service expansion includes those retailers who service our Law Enforcement, Military and Private Security Personnel. The team takes great pride in servicing retailers with advanced marketing tools, timely shipments and great pricing.

    David is a 30 year industry veteran with business leadership success including retail, wholesale and manufacturing. It is a great industry, because ultimately it is about a group of professionals that take pride in providing performance products to our Military Warfighters, Law Enforcement Professionals and Tactical Enthusiasts.

    TGD has offered me a personally rewarding opportunity by providing excellent product solutions to the men and women that defend our country from enemies domestic and foreign. I am very proud of each of them, including my Marine son, Jeffrey.


  • <b>Matt Hodges</b> Matt Hodges
    Vice-President National Sales

    I really enjoy supporting the four Exchange Systems and making them successful by providing superior tactical and shooting sports products and military targeted marketing programs my personal priority. I am always focused on each customer and the varied needs of AAFES,NEXCOM, MCX and CGX stores, and want to increase the value they provide to the Military Exchange Customer, to whom I have devoted my entire career to.

    I began my work with TGD in 2005 with over 23 years of experience as a buyer and manager in the Marine Corps Exchanges. I use the professional skills gained through this experience to deliver superior service in managing TGD's Military Exchange relationships and helping them all meet their business goals. In my free time, I am an avid Deer and Turkey hunter and enjoy driving Dodge muscle cars through the country roads of North Carolina!


  • <b>Bud Gardner</b> Bud Gardner
    Commercial Market Director

    Being a former U.S. Marine, I understand the need for top quality gear, that stands up to the demanding needs of our Men and Women in uniform, serving as our 1st line of defense, in both Military and Civilian service. One of our prime objectives at TGD is to provide the best gear, with uncompromising performance standards, to those who serve.

    With several years in wholesale, and retail, I am dedicated to serving our dealers needs, with the best customer service, product selection, and overall satisfaction. With the rollout of the Tactical Zone Dealer Portal, our dealers will have a 24/7 business tool that will result in their continued business success, and growth.


  • <b>Lynne Peterson</b> Lynne Peterson
    Marketing Services Manager

    Lynne provides creative services and is responsible for supporting our Tactical Zone® marketing program.

    She has over 20 years graphic design experience and uses her knowledge to effectively support the marketing teams goals and strategies by communicating and creating impactful designs.

    In her free time, Lynne enjoys spending her time as a Dog Trainer for Puppy Kindergarten and Handling Classes and showing her Labradors in conformation.


  • <b>Kendel Sorrell</b> Kendel Sorrell
    Key Account Service

    Kendel is a Key Account Service Representative supporting our Military Exchange Markets, Base Supply Stores and National Accounts.

      She ensures that customers are provided with exceptional service through building strong relationships and understanding customer needs.

    She has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in International Relations.

    In her spare time, Kendel enjoys Baking and traveling.



  • <b>Kermit Lewis</b> Kermit Lewis
    Operations/IT Director

    Kermit directs our Operations including Distribution, Order Fulfillment, Inventory Management, and Information Technology.

    Kermit has over twenty years experience implementing technology and operational solutions to support and exceed customer’s expectations. He has a Bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems. Kermit enjoys spending time with his family boating and supporting the many activities of his two children. He also enjoys riding his Harley with his motorcycle group.


  • <b>Du-Vale Dalton</b> Du-Vale Dalton
    Distribution Manager

    Du-Vale brings many years of distribution leadership while focusing on superior customer service.

    He leads our Distribution Team with enthusiasm to ensure accurate and timely shipments to TGD's customers. His experience with advanced e-commerce shipping provides market leading distribution.

    We thank Du-Vale for his years of Navy Service.

  • <b>Henry Browning</b> Henry Browning
    HR & Quality Manager

    Henry manages our Quality Program ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality service with solid order accuracy, timely shipments and dependable deliveries.

    Our Quality Program “Aim for Accuracy" keeps all team members focused on what is most important…a satisfied customer!

    In addition to Quality, Henry manages our HR and Compliance departments.

    Henry is a 23 year veteran of the U.S. Army and holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Campbell University. 

    In his free time he enjoys fishing, kayaking, and martial arts. 



  • <b>Sharif Mathews</b> Sharif Mathews
    Purchasing Manager

    Sharif manages our purchasing department with a focus on high quality merchandise selections that meets the needs of our customers.

    His vast experience with quality merchandise came from his days in retail management with the Marine Corp Exchange at Camp LeJuene. Sharif has a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and focuses on purchasing process improvement while achieving our 95% fill rate goal. Managing strategic relationships with suppliers provides profit producing opportunities for TGD customers.

  • <b>Amber Matthews</b> Amber Matthews
    Merchandising Coordinator

    Amber is the merchandising coordinator for TGD and supports our customers through high fill rates and great service on orders.

    She has a BA Degree in Merchandising with a minor in Business and is always working to focus on purchasing process improvements with the team.

    In her spare time, Amber enjoys sewing and designing costumes.


  • <b>Carmelia Hernandez</b> Carmelia Hernandez

    Carmelia is a buyer for TGD and she supports our customers through high fill rates and great customer services on all orders.


    She comes to TGD with a BA in Criminal Justice and a certification in Basic Law Enforcement Training. As a buyer, she is always working on building strong relationships with our vendors, while improving the purchasing process with our team.  

    In her spare time, Carmelia enjoys reading and working on DIY craft projects. 



  • <b>Jeff Baker</b> Jeff Baker

    With over fifteen years experience in accounting, I understand the need for timely and accurate financial information.


    I pride myself on providing this information, which allows informed decisions to be made based on the financial position of the company.   Here at TGD, we strive to build quality relationships and make decisions based on our company’s financial strength and position. 

    My fifteen years of experience is split between public accounting and working in the private sector.  I earned a bachelor’s degree and MBA from East Carolina University. 

    When I am not working or spending quality time with my wife and son, I enjoy hunting, fishing, golf or just being outdoors.  


  • <b>Ariel Stone</b> Ariel Stone
    Accounting Associate

    Ariel supports our finance department with accounts payable and general accounting functions.

    She ensures our vendors are provided with timely and accurate service, while maintaining strong business relationships between TGD and our vendors.

    She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and has over a decade of experience in the field of finance and accounting, which she uses to provide accurate financial information and strengthen the finance department.

    In her free time Ariel enjoys cooking, reading, and spending quality time with her family and friends.


  • <b>Katy Hutchings</b> Katy Hutchings
    Accounts Receivable Specialist

    Katy is a key team member in our accounting department.

    She supports our customers with payment application and credit reviews.

    Accuracy and consistent communication is the foundation of her service experience while building a strong professional relationships with our business partners. 

    She comes to TGD with a Masters degree in Business.  In 2015 she graduated from St Andrews University with a BS in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. 

    Katy has a passion for being outdoors.  She enjoys fishing, gardening, running with her dog, or going on spontaneous adventures sightseeing.


    The field merchandising team is the first line of contact with the exchange service retail stores-Their primary responsibilities are to ensure brand presentation, product stocking and placement as well as interacting with store management, department management and all retail personnel to ensure optimal product and sales presentation is achieved.

    They also aid in product demonstrations and manage and coordinate store events to
    further promote TGDs product offerings.

  • <b>Pam Reed</b> Pam Reed
    National Retail Services Manager

    Pam manages TGD's  field Merchandising Teams and is the direct manager of our support for MCX, NEXCOM and CGX customers throughout the Eastern United States.

    She began her work with TGD in 2006 and has over 11 years of experience as a vendor/merchandiser in Marine Corps Exchanges. Pam uses the professional skills gained through this experience to ensure that TGD's local merchandisers deliver superior service to store managers, employees and customers at TGD's Military Exchanges.

    Pam especially enjoys assisting the Sailors and Marines at Camp Lejeune with their tactical gear needs as they prepare for deployments around the globe.

  • <b>Priscilla Hamilton</b> Priscilla Hamilton
    Regional Retail Services Manager

    Priscilla manages our Western Merchandising Team and is one of TGD's top merchandising experts! She works closely with her team to support the needs of our Warfighters and Military Retailers.

    Priscilla loves the interaction with the military and takes great pride in the fact that we supply proven gear and tactical apparel to service members to help improve their jobs while defending our country.


  • <b>Lisa Johnson</b> Lisa Johnson
    Account Representative

    Lisa is a 20 year customer service veteran that supports our customers success with professional and consistent service.

    Service and follow through are critical skills for her customers. 

    One of her favorite things about supporting our retailers is helping their business's grow and growing with them.

  • <b>Pam Phillips</b> Pam Phillips
    Account Representative

    Pam supports our customers by providing exceptional service and solutions that meet the needs of our retailers nationwide.

      As a 20 year veteran of the customer service and sales field, she brings strong communication and relationship building skills to the team and strives to provide excellent service and solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

    Pam loves to travel and spend time with her 3 kids and yellow lab.


  • <b>Russ Young</b> Russ Young
    Account Representative

    Russ has 30+ years experience in the shooting sports industry and sales management.

    His experience provides him with the knowledge to build relationships and create business solutions to fit our customers’ needs.

    In his free time he enjoys Bass and inshore saltwater fishing throughout the south Florida Area.

  • <b>Amber Shepard</b> Amber Shepard
    Account Representative

    Amber brings over 11 years of Law Enforcement experience to TGD, along with years of customer service experience.

    She enjoys helping others succeed and looks forward to providing World Class Customer Service to all of her customers.

    Her primary goal is to build a loyal base of customers, that are consistently happy with the product and service that she provides.

    In her  free time, she enjoys extreme couponing and spending time with her two sons and their activities which include many hours on the baseball field.

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